Upgrade your house and make it special today with a Smart Home System

Matrix are fully trained and certified to supply and install your Smart Home System

Make Your Home Up To Date With A Smart Home System

Using the power of automation you can make your home even more special and Matrix can create a fully bespoke automated smart home system that works with you, not just for you!

Manual Activation

With the click of a button you can run a preset automation to make your life easier.

If you are heading home, with just one click you can have the heating turned on, the lights on and the garage door open.

Leaving home? Make sure the alarm is set, heating off and all the doors are locked!

Scheduled Activation

Why not set up different automation for different times of the day?

Set your smart home system to deactivate your alarm & turn on your heating all done for when you wake up.

On a holiday? Set up automation on your lights to turn on at relevant times throughout your break to deter any potential burglars from targeting your property.

Triggered Activation

Give yourself an extra level of security with your smart home system.

When your alarm is triggered have certain lights activate to scare off the intruder.

You can also create an instant record point on your CCTV set up.

Automate Your Home


Monitor your security cameras directly from your smart phone


Change the climate of your home with the touch of a button


Adjust your lighting by the palm of your hand


Forgot to lock the garage door? Just access your phone and lock it!

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