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Did you know that CCTV is one of the most effective deterrents when it comes to preventing vandalism, burglary and other criminal activities? Our CCTV in Wigan makes home security easy, so you can feel safe all year round.

CCTV installation Wigan, Liverpool and Manchester

 If you are looking for an effective way to protect your home or business, then CCTV offers the perfect solution. At Matrix Ltd we’re an SSAIB certified installer of CCTV systems, so you know you’re in safe hands. Whether you are looking for a discrete solution for your home or a vandal-proof option for your business we can help. Find out more about our CCTV camera systems today by giving us a call on 01695 664 375.

There are many different types of CCTV in Wigan to choose from and at Matrix we can give you the advice to help you decide which is best for your business. The common CCTV surveillance camera choices are pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras, c mount cameras, bullet cameras, ANPR and dome cameras. All of these have their own unique benefits and locations where they are most suited, and we’ll be happy to assess your property and advise you on the most suitable options for your needs.

Home CCTV in Wigan

Matrix Ltd serves customers in Wigan, Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the local area offering a full range of home CCTV installation packages for homeowners. Choose from a range of modern smart phone enabled camera and surveillance systems and keep your property secured with the ability to view your cameras wherever you are in the world. We’re the experts when it comes to home security and surveillance systems so get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote on 01695 664 375.

Take advantage of our comprehensive services for CCTV installations in Wigan, and let our experts guide you on the best camera security systems for your home. Whether you want to deter thieves or just want to help safeguard your possessions, we can design a complete security system for your home. We serve customers in Wigan, Bolton, Warrington, Preston, St Helens, Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding areas so get in touch today for more information.

cctv wigan
commerical and domestic cctv wigan

Business CCTV installation in Wigan

For business users, we understand that CCTV in Wigan is a valid and effective deterrent for your business but in order to be successful it needs to be setup correctly. At Matrix, we have years of experience creating professional CCTV systems for business of all sizes and in all different sectors. From garages and superstores to industrial units and offices, we can design a CCTV and surveillance system for the needs of your business.

Choose from an actively monitored system complete with a control system or select a system that records footage onto a Digital Video Recorder for later playback. Whatever system you choose, our team of professional electronic engineers will ensure that it is set up correctly and that the system gives your business the security coverage you need.

Find out more about our CCTV installation services in Wigan by giving us a call today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Is CCTV in Wigan Effective?

Crime can be reduced effectively by CCTV, according to evidence. The placement, the purpose of the installation, and the type of CCTV system are factors to consider, though. Observation of CCTV in a car park setting is probably the most likely to result in positive outcomes, and is likely to be more effective in the UK than in other tested locations. ​

What Are Common CCTV System Features?

CCTV systems will have varying features depending on their complexity. Monitors, recorders, and replayers are the main functions of these systems. CCTV is viewed on the system's monitor, recorded on a digital media storage device, such as a computer hard drive, and then played back on a digital media storage device.

How Can I Choose the Right CCTV in Wigan?

By evaluating your specific security needs, our CCTV experts design security cameras that will exceed your expectations. If you own a home or office, you can rest assured that it is protected at the highest level. There is a wide range of solutions at your disposal, so you can select a CCTV system that suits your needs and your budget.

How Functional Is CCTV in Wigan At Night?

Video footage can be captured in dark environments if CCTV cameras feature monochrome mode. A better lighting condition provides better quality video footage, while poor lighting results in a lower quality video.